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Survey Questions

Please indicate the extent to which you agree with the following statements regarding the Planning and Accountability Management (PAM) System. 

(This question is mandatory)

Annual Setup

PAM is an appropriate system for entering annual initiatives.
I was given clear instructions on how to enter the annual initiatives last year.
I found the Data Entry Workshop helpful for the annual setup of my branch work plan last year.
If provided, I would attend the Data Entry Workshop again.
(This question is mandatory)

Monthly Updates

Monthly updating is straight-forward and user-friendly.
The choices for Action Status are adequate for reporting the progress of my initiatives.
PAM provides adequate capacity to include all necessary information.
In previous years, the PAM system was used to report at a higher level of detail with actions for each identified initiative. This year, we limited the detail to the initiative level only. This change provided adequate level of detail for monthly reporting.
(This question is mandatory)

Monthly Reporting

I use the reporting feature for my branch work plan.
The branch work plan report is simple to run.
The branch work plan report provides all required information. (If not, please comment on deficiencies at the end of the survey)
(This question is mandatory)

User Support

The PAM Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) provides easy to follow instructions on how to update.
I know who to contact if I require assistance with PAM.
If I required assistance, I have received the help that I needed.
Please provide any comments on suggestions or issues.